Guest Information

We are delighted to welcome guests of members to El Caballero Country Club. The Club strives to preserve our customs and traditions, as well as the integrity of our facilities. Please acquaint yourself with, and follow, these guidelines and standards of behavior.


Guests shall conduct themselves at all times in a courteous and respectful manner with due regard and consideration for the dignity, comfort and enjoyment of the Club by others. Honesty, integrity, morality and good sportsmanship are the expected standards of conduct and etiquette when using Club facilities.

Cell Phones

When on Club property, cell phones must be turned off or set on silent/vibrate mode. Cell phone conversations are permitted in the Men's and Women's Locker Rooms, valet reception area, parking lot and on the golf course, except for holes 1, 9, 10 and 18. Retrieval of voice messages must be done in designated areas for cell phone use. Texting is permitted with alerts on silent or vibrate.

Valet Parking

Guests are asked to use Valet Parking exclusively when visiting El Caballero.


Smoking is not permitted in any of the Club's buildings. Cigarette and cigar remains must be disposed of properly and not left on the grounds or golf course.

Dress Code

Personal dress should exhibit good taste at all times and be appropriate for the activity and Club location being utilized. Country club casual or resort casual is the general style of dress expected for most areas of the Clubhouse, golf course, and golf practice areas. Exercise attire is appropriate in the fitness center, in the pool area and on the tennis courts. Exercise attire should be appropriately covered when going to and from an activity or when in the Clubhouse.

For detailed information on our dress code guidelines for all areas of the Club see below.

Clubhouse and Common Area Dress Code

Members and their guests are encouraged to think of dress code guidelines as being within the context of shared values and mutual respect. Personal dress should exhibit good taste at all times and be appropriate for the planned activity and Club location. The Holiday Dress Code will be strictly enforced when designated for a particular event.

The following types of clothing and attire are NOT permissible inside the Clubhouse common areas:

  • Hats or tee shirts for men. Abbreviated attire for ladies such as tank, tube or halter tops unless worn under an appropriate cover up, blouse, sweater or jacket. No bare midriffs.
  • Shorts or skirts less than 4 inches above the center of the knee. (Tennis shorts or skirts are acceptable until 5:30 PM ) No micro-minis.
  • Any item of clothing which is worn, torn, cutoff, frayed, excessively baggy or bleached.
  • Swimming, jogging, gym, or other exercise-type gear unless appropriately covered. (Tasteful, zippered warm-up or jogging suits are acceptable until 5:30 PM in the Main Dining Room.) No sweatshirts or sweatpants.
  • Rubber flip flops

Holiday Dress Code(Strictly Enforced)

When specified in event flyers, no denim or shorts for men, women or children over the age of 10. Men must wear their shirttails tucked in. No sandals for men. No micro-minis for women. *Banded or "Mock" collars are acceptable.

Management shall determine the propriety of apparel worn in the Clubhouse or on the premises and whether a form of dress conforms to the dress code. Do not confront another member.

Golf Course Dress Code


  1. All players must wear proper golf attire suitable for a country club, intended for golf on the golf course and when using any of the practice areas.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Professional Staff on duty to determine the appropriateness of golf attire in the golf areas. Members should not confront another Member or guest.
  3. Spike-less golf shoes or flat, rubber soled shoes are required when walking on the golf course and all practice areas. Metal spikes are not permitted.
  4. Men should wear collared golf shirts with sleeves and tailored pants or golf shorts suitable for a country club, intended for golf at all times on the golf course and practice areas. Mock collared golf shirts are acceptable. Hats or caps must be worn facing forward and must be removed when entering the Clubhouse.
    1. A golf shirt must be worn tucked in unless it has a banded waistline designed to be worn over pants. Hawaiian style shirts must be tucked in.
    2. The following are not acceptable: Tee shirts, workout clothing, cargo shorts/pants, football jerseys, or any type of shirt with printed slogans, drawings or pictures. Golf shirts with tasteful logos are acceptable. c. Denim jeans, basketball or running shorts, cutoffs, athletic exercise pants, swim or tennis wear, cargo pants with baggy pockets or other type on non-traditional pants or shorts should not be worn.


  1. Women should wear golf tops suitable for a country club, intended for golf with either a collar and/or sleeves with slacks or a skirt or shorts that are no shorter than middle of the thigh.
    1. Tank tops, halter tops, bare midriff apparel and tops with printed slogans or pictures are not permitted. Golf shirts with tasteful logos are acceptable.
    2. Denim jeans and tights are not permitted.
    3. Leggings may only be worn under shorts, skorts, or skirts.
    4. Overly tight-fitting tops or pants are not permitted.


  1. Children under age 10 may wear clothing suitable for their age and appropriate for the golf course.
    1. Denim clothing and t-shirts are not permitted.
    2. Shirts must be worn tucked in.